Best of 2014-2105 - Part 3 - Boys Basketball

July 03, 2015  •  1 Comment

It's time to look at part 3 of my "Best Of" 2014-2015 which is going to highlight boys basketball. So far, the majority of my "Best Of" postings have been outside sports, which for the most part are easier photographs to take, at least from a technical perspective. The reason that I say that is outside, daylight photography allows for the use of more entry level equipment, cameras and lenses. When you move inside, the limits of a cheaper lens starts to bubble to the surface. A closed environment with poor lighting is the biggest challenge in shooting high school basketball. On the flip side, access is much easier and trust me, the opportunity to shoot basketball is almost never ending, there are multiple games almost every night. Lets take a look at a couple of shots.

Firth vs West Jefferson_04Firth vs West Jefferson_04March 6, 2105: West Jefferson guard #1 Hadley Edelmayer puts up a shot through the defense of Firth guard #10 Braydon Adams during 2015 2A Real Dairy Shootout action between the Firth Cougars and the West Jefferson Panthers Friday night at Capital High School in Boise ID. Photo by Loren

This image comes from the state basketball tournament, which pitted Firth vs. West Jefferson. The image was taken using a Canon 7D Mark II and a Canon 70-200mm f/2,8 lens. The aperture was set at f/2.8, the shutter speed was 1/640 sec. at an ISO of 2000. Fortunately, the 7D Mark II does an exceptional job in poor lighting situations, but in reality, f/2.8 and an ISO of 2000 really isn't that bad when comparing high school gyms.

Fruitland vs Shelley-66Fruitland vs Shelley-66

This shot pits Fruitland vs Shelley with the same equipment, although the camera settings are a bit more reflective of the poor lighting, ISO is 4000, shutter speed is 1/500 sec. and a aperture of f/2.8.

Grangeville vs Melba-65Grangeville vs Melba-65

I love the action captured here and the effort being shown by the athletes face. This frame was captured when Grangeville faced Parma.

Kellogg vs Weiser-9Kellogg vs Weiser-9

This image seemed to really capture the physicality of the match up between Kellogg and Weiser during the State Basketball Tournament.

Marsh V vs S_Fremont-14Marsh V vs S_Fremont-14

In this action shot between Marsh Valley and South Fremont, I was sitting under the basket and used a Sigma 18-35mm lens which I added this year to my equipment bag. I like the wide angle perspective. It is nice to give a larger feel to the action and is a nice change of pace.

Marsh V vs S_Fremont-53Marsh V vs S_Fremont-53

A nice perspective from sitting on the floor, allows for the face, ball and the hoop all in one shot.

Nampa Christian vs Declo-27Nampa Christian vs Declo-27

Nice tight shot of an aggressive move to the baseline.

Parma vs Emmett-69Parma vs Emmett-69

Another wide angle shot from a low perspective.

Rocky Mtn vs Capital-79Rocky Mtn vs Capital-79

One of my favorites from the past season. Captures the players face, the ball and the sideline and the extreme amount of effort that these athletes put out.

Skyview vs Kuna-65Skyview vs Kuna-65

A final shot that sums up a great boys basketball season. I shot 14 boys high school basketball games over the season and had a blast doing it. If your interested in improving your basketball photos, drop me a line and lets see what we can do to improve your basketball action photos. Next up in the "Best Of" 2014-2015 is girls basketball. Please check it out and share with your high sports enthusiast friends and family.



noha aly(non-registered)
loved the shots , am trying to choose inbetween 16-35 2.8 / 85 1.8 / 70 200 2.8 for body camera canon 7D mark 1 , am shooting my son basketball and my daughter high school musical theater, i think i will need wide range for the theater in the mean time reasnable zoom for the basketball, i have limitted budget of 2000 usd what do you think.
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